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Mr Simachila's experience contributes to the most diverse team of seasonal firefighters that the service has had. "I've dealt with fire back home and the way we protected our camps was similar to what we do here," Mr Simachila said. "I love that I got this job after moving to Australia so I can keep helping the community and taking care of nature. Being taken away from nature just kills me."

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Being born a survivor and named after a fighter Rocky attacks his life with great enthusiasm. This lust for life can not help but be noticed by all around him and becomes an addictive trait. Growing up in Mfuwe, Rocky from a young age would be taken out into the park on his own mini safari by his uncle whom was also a guide and later became somewhat of a mentor. “It has always been a dream for me to become a safari guide”. Achieving this dream he passed his guides exam in 2000 and since joining RPS in 2004. He has been leading the Walking Mobiles Safaris for a couple of years.  Rocky now lives in Australia but will be back in the dry months for a stint of guiding with us. Link to article

Rocky is acknowleged in this publication as a key mentor for visits to Zambia by the author. Link to online book

Rocky is Phillip Martin's blog as his South Luangwa National Park safari guide.

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Rocky's photographs are featured on the 'Frogwatch ACT & Region' by Ginninderra Catchment Group.

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Rocky is on 'Robin Pope Safaris' website as leader of a special bat safari.

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